Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ji Eun's Birthday Party

Today is Ee Ling's daughter Ji Eun's birthday party...

Candy is meeting me at Bukit Gombak mrt before we head to Ee Ling's house.
& i did a stupid thing again....think by now u all hv guessed so....
Yes Yes!!! i 4got my camera again...

But JM, Celestine & gang did bring i m waiting for them to upload...
Candy bought her "Fish eye" camera...looks quite "antique" & very manual lor...hahaha
using film & manual re-wind b4 u can take the next pic...
NVM...we shall wait for her to develop....
mayb i shld go get 1 "Fish eye"camera too...since is not too exp...only costing her $110 ... =p

Saturday, August 30, 2008

HongKong Itinery confirmed...


Finally!!!...completed my HK itinery...takes me months to read up all the forums, search on line for info...etc etc...well i noe is abit "kua zhang..." to take so long to plan...but its my 1st planning for trips oso being KS, read up all the pages in the forums...tat is like 200 pages....& with help of some friends & tourism pages omg!!!
but is quite fun...

Day 1 - HongKong
Depart via Jetstar @ 6.40am, arrived 10.25am
check in at The Kimberley hotel, take some rest, freshen up
lunch/brunch at Yung Kee restuarant for dim sum & roast goose
The Peak
sky train ride, madame tussaud & shopping @ the peak, dinner
Night shopping at Fa Yuen street & Mongkok centre

Day 2 - Macau
Turbojet Ferry to Macau
(to decide on the day, if we wanna proceed to ZhuHai for half a morning)
Taipa Village - (famous egg tarts)
St Paul's Fortress
Senado Square - (pork chop bun, almond biscuit)
Casino - (my cousin will decide which to go)....
return to HK, turbojet 24hr no worries

Day 3 - Hongkong
NgongPing 360 - Lantau Island
cable car ride, walking with buddha, monkey tales theatre
Disneyland (I might not b gg to disney, so i m gg to whack the factory outlets...)
Night shopping at temple street

Day 4 - Shenzhen
travel via Hongkong MTR
Luo Hu - imitations
Dong Men, Hua Shang Bei District - (shi jie zhi chuang)
** Zhen Gong Fu - fast food restuarant
** Japan Fushion - Dinner

Day 5 - Hongkong
Dimsum at ChaoInn
Shopping b4 leaving HK ~~~~hur hur hur (my favourite)
Espirit Factory Outlet - (TST KaiSeng Commercial Centre)
Mongkok to Nathan Road
By evening, return to hotel to await for transfer to airport...
Flight depart 8.40pm

Since i have done my research, for those who read my blogs, i m gg to leave some Useful Links for u.. :D
HongKong & Shenzhen Map
Hongkong tourism
Hongkong MTR
Yung Kee restuarant
The Peak
Macau tourism
Ngongpong 360
Japan Fushion
Chao Inn

Espirit Factory Outlet

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dining @ Togi

I've heard gd raves abt Korean food at Togi Restuarant...So decided to give it a try with hb..
Situated at Mosque Street.
Err...i doubt i will visit a 2nd time...based on hb & my views...
Their kimchi is not as tasty as "Ju Shin Jung" vice versa for their kimchi soup.
BBQ meat platter was lousy..thou is cheap...only $17.80 (if i remb correctly) but they bbq till super tough & all the juice in the meat all dried up...i definately can do a better job than them... =(
Seafood pancake..was good....tats the only dish i would say its good lor...overall...i really wont wanna re-visit again...
total damage was less than $50, not worth my effort again...

Another Friday...

Yooohoooo!! finally is friday le!!
This week has been exceptionally fast for me, be it in office or at home. I m sooo busy with all the unpacking & setting in the new office....when home, dog tired manz!!!

Hmm....this question has alwas been bugging me...
"What m i gg to have for dinner??" Hopefully hb can meet me for dinner, so that he can pick up the tab..hur hur hur....

Weekends m gonna b a little busy, with some short courses which I signed up with Mark, dunno y i start to regret abit, but better learn something out of it....update post when i m back next week =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mist of Itinery Planning for HK

Oh my!!! i haven finish my itinery planning for HK trip...
its taking me lots of time to read from forums & compile into my very own itinery....but its kinda fun & doing it...thou u get abit frustrated at times....

I m like 18 days away nia..& still hvn complete....m i too kan cheong? =p but my mum has been nagging me to show her the itinery....they think is so simple to complete 1 huh....?!?!?!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Moving Office rants

Finally, get to move to Tiong Bahru...dont b too happy yet...this is just another temporary office which means...i will b stationed here for a year or so...until we find a next better unit around the location...then will b another move. Darn super tedious lor!!!

Journey wise. compared to previous temporary office at Pasir Panjang is further away...guess its gonna take me at least 30-45 mins b4 i can reach home...whereas Pasir Panjang is jus 20mins from my home....

Its gonna take me at least a week to clean up & setup my stuff back to its position....Arrgghhh!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mummy

How nice to have a holiday in lieu for today...but i dont have...mine is credited back to Annual Leave..which is the same actually....whahaha
but hb has got off day today...finally...can catch a movie on weekday...
Savings for movie tickets lor....$7.50 for weekday & $10 for savings of $5. Well, its not hell of alot. but $5 can hv a decent dinner at the foodcourt....kekeke

Hmm....i mus say...abit disapointing compared to the 1st & 2nd stories. Thou the story line was alright..but somehow i feel the fighting actions with Jet Li ended too fast....not exciting enuff...average nia....hai...
Well, let hope the 4th story will be more exciting... =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mummy's birthday treat

Mummy's birthday is wed...but we decided to bring forward to celebrate for her. I wonder y she alwas fancy 'International BUFFET' but definately not for us...I prefer Jap buffet. Its more authentic. But since its her birthday, so she calls the shot & i shall pick up the tab.
Buffet venue @ Grand Corpthone Waterfront

my usual habit...too busy with loads of food...& didnt capture all the pic...hur hur hur...
but kudos to Shirlaine... 真沒价紹錯啊!!! their spread real good lor....kekeke....
special hawker theme with local foods like wanton mee, rojak, etc & bbq stuff...
includes durian too...
& best part, UOB gives 15% discount....means some savings...
total bill amount to $200 ....ok lah...for family of 4 =)

Monday, August 4, 2008



very drained liao...

shall not update my weekends le...tml or so then i say ba....
ta ta...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

getting back on track again...

OOps....!!! i havent been updating my blog for 2 weeks....busy busy bee ma....cannot blame... :P

Went to the Cozycot blogshop fair on Sat with Zennon & Thomas...nothing so like a flea market...tot it wld be quite big..."Due to overwhelming response, change venue from Parkview Sq to Sing Post Centre..."......OMG!!!
Quite disappointed lor....

My dear friend Alicia can't make it...cos some sad news happen to her....We were shocked & extremely sad to hear that her beloved dad had passed away last nite....We attended the wake with other WA condolences to her...

Went to some fengshui talk with hubby....then chiong to Vivo city to catch a movie...

Well, is quite a nice movie. touched the hearts of common lives where the $$ prob alwas bugged u everywhere, every moment....thumbs up for the movie =)
&&& dun 4get to bring lots of tissue paper ya.......