Thursday, February 21, 2008


B4 i sleep last nite, hb said i woke him up 4am in the morning shouting in my said I m scolding my boss...hahaha...cos my boss refuse to listen to me explaining the instalment plans..blah blah blah...i wonder that is true...=p cos i cun recall much...he say i m b too stress at tat true? hmm...mayb not to tat extend super stress lah...perhaps just hectic....
Read from Shirlaine's web, her fren Zen is spreeing...I decided to join the spree to get handbags... but I m torn between 1 or 3 bags...ZR told me PG mall quality is quite can go ahead...Duno y lately last 6 mths i have been crazy abt shopping & spreeing...wonder to de-stress or jus wanted to spend $ cos i had nothing better to do...


I think i shld just order the 3 bags...Yellow, Blue & White...
Spreeing on go jane & saw a Makala Top...i had alwas like plain top...or rather not so fanciful type...i wonder y this caught my eye....
Total Damage for today: 70 bucks~~~

Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie Week~~

Had home made "Ba Ku Teh"...Argh!! forgotten my cam again.but its ok. i roughly noe how to cook it.

Pork Ribs
Ba Ku Teh seasoning. will buy this brand. Tried afew brands not tat fantastic (Prima, A1, traditional...)
White Pepper
Tang Ho veggie
Yu tiao
sliced chilli & black sauce for dipping

Went to watch Death note: L changed the world last evening.
Quite a nice show....think worth watching...
wow, we watched 3 moives in a week & every movie hb will hv pop corns...real damage to wallets...
1. last sun - ah long (funny show....really laughed all the way as Mark speak in those Malaysian tone, but din really like Fann's acting...)
2. mon - CJ 7 (another funny show)
3. sun - Death note

B4 gg home, pop by Espirit to get a pair of bermudas with 25% off ($50+ aft disc)...but i did a crazy thing. I shld have told the cashier that i didnt want to redeem my points. cos SCB had terminated the espirit card service & i had 12,000pts which they r giving me every $1 to 100points exchange so i m getting $120 but when i redeem, it will $1 to 200 points. Damn sad. I lost $50 due to this stupid mistake i made.... -____-"
my bermudas...