Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dining @ Zhou Kitchen

Was on leave yest, went to NSC with mum for her appt....
Decided on Zhou Kitchen (Tung Lok group) for our lunch. I thought Tung Lok group will definately taste better....but who noes....
When we are ready to order, the waitress can't take orders...she told us to wait & walked away & walked around instead of tending to other customers. I signal her the 2nd time. Then she told me to wait again, didnt even explained that she needs to call for her captain. The captain was busy bringing other customers to their tables..Soood Slow... :( Ordered some dim-sum. OMG!!! Waited for at least 30mins b4 the 1st dish was served. Interval of 15mins b4 the next few dishes were served. The rest was not very crowded when we sat down. The crowd started coming in half an hour later...managed to snap a few pics...

Overall verdict:-
Presentation (quite standard like other dim sum)
Food Taste (So so only...the prawns over-cooked. tough.)
Service (Slow in serving & ordering.)
Price (Slightly abv average~~ range $3.20-$5++ per plate)
Bill $47 for 2, ordered 9 dishes nia....I will not visit them again. Mum gave chance...mayb other outlets like the 1 at Ikea might be better...well...hmmmm....~~~~

Monday, April 28, 2008

Long Await Discounts~~~

After a whole long waiting for 3mths, finally I received an sms on thur by origins at paragon metro. hur hur hur...

20% Discount sale for Sat & Sun (extended shopping hours) =p
I have been checking & comparing prices after 20% discount to compare if its cheaper to buy with the disc or to buy online from Nordstrom. Actually via online, can save a few bucks per product esp with the dip in US$ now....but still I didnt go ahead cos tat result not topping up points & some products which I m interested to test b4 buying.
Had told Huiling abt this cos she oso another origins fan...kekeke....actually wanted to meet her for dinner but she is jus to busy with her house & wedd next mth. Ask her to pop by to buy her stuff w/o me.
I decided to go on Sun instead....
HB is rushing the Air Pork project & need to work for the weekends. I head orchard w/o him....

Stroll in Kino for some investing books. Again comparing prices if is cheaper to buy from Amazon. Hmm....Not that I m cheapo....but realised things are gg up & increment is minimal to sustain the inflation.....haiz....really need to buck up on achieving my goals (if u read my previous blog)
Spent an hr + in Kino & bought a book recommeded by Adam. Felt abit of pinch, cos no 20% promo, card only entitle 10%. I really need to brush up my reading speed. At this rate I m gg, how m i suppose to read soooo many books in such short period....therefore, only solution was to..........
Next stop, Metro Paragon to get all my Origins stuff....kekeke.
My Buys.....

Bought this "Peace of Mind" Again my dear friend HL recomended this to for headaches & pms. Tested at the counter, really relieves immdiately & refreshing smell. I like.....hehehe....
Not too exp, $17.60 (UP: $22)
Oooooooppppppssssss!!!!! Really need to do some damage control cut dwn on beauty products....My loots $250....*Piangzzz* Hope the set can last me at least 6mths... =p

I was quite tempted to try on the Youthoupia firming range. But quite exp ah...cost at least $90++nper item...OMG!!! Think i better wait for the next 20% ba...had ordered some firming ampoule from ZR...try on those 1st..~~~~

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Splurging Againz....

Went to collect my tenseup ex from a spreer this morning which I ordered 3 weeks ago....=)

Happen to passby 1 of the shops at Jurong Point....Omg!!!

My intension to enter Bega was just to get a bag key chain. The SA..."小姐, 看看我們的依服嗎?" She ling a few in her arms to show me....At 1st I was like...err...not very interested in all the blouses she showed me. cos i had "No" intension of buying anything more than the key chain.
As I was browsing the key chain she started again.
"小姐, 现在买包包送一个key chain..." immediately she bring up a bag to show me...actually i had some thoughts of getting a white bag. but cos my 2 spree bags just arrived yest & i ordered another 1 a couple of days i made an excuse that I do not want the bag...kekeke

A top caught my eye, she bring tat to me & showed me a few others. I decided to try a few since she is soOoo persistant. I tried at least 6 tops, 2 skirts another colleague of hers constantly knock on my fitting door & "
小姐,我拿了多几个款式让你try....." Nearly fainted in the fitting room...think they showed not less than 20 something tops & skirts...haiz, in the fitting i was telling myself, I should not spend too much on clothings, most probably gg on HK trip in Sept shall spend there.

Walked out of the shop poorer by $117.00 with 2 tops & 1 skirt...

My determination is so low....kekeke.....but I muz say these SA r very persistant to sell their clothes. I been to other shops & most of them are like tat nowadays....once u try a piece, they will continously tag behind u wanting to show u the whole shop as thou u din browse them on the displays....Wonder this is consider gd scv or hard sell.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Spree arrived

Having a long wait for my bags from PG Mall...I waited 2 mths...Ding Dong here & there finally it arrived. Quality looks good...=)
Previously oso ordered a long cardigan...kekeke....
Look at my loots...hur hur hur....

Yest I rcv an sms from Orgins....Yooohooo...they have 20% disc again...I hv been longing this for a very very long time...kekeke...cos there are a couple of things which I plan to buy. I have looking at normstrom to compare if the prices are cheaper. Hmm..I think is cheaper by a few bucks per product...mayb i shall buy from them next time...kekeke

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Booster Night

Time flies, it as pass 2 weeks since I graduated from WA10. Last nite was a booster nite for refreshing of memories, more on trading info & building our Wealth group.

Considering if I shld return to WA11 (15-18th May) to be a coach, Aaron has been encouraging me to...he is the program director of WA11 =) Rather taxing thou, but I do wanna refresh my memories on the sessions....still thinking abt it....

Our group, has yet came up with a name. But 1st appointed leader Jonaas will be emailing us soon.
1st Leader: Jonaas ( Everybody has a chance. Will have to host the meeting twice for the nxt 12mths)

Team Members: Jerry, Justin, Mandy, Mark & myself
Meeting: To meet once a month to update on our status towards our Goal!!!
We shared a little on our background, life charts & most impt of all our Goals!!!

The lecture section ended past 12am again...Yeah...past midnight...don't be surprised!! I think it has become quite a norm liao for such timing. Time alwas flies when we r at WA sessions.

Wah seh, too much of my brain cells died, & I m hungryzzz!!! Head to our usual prata shop across the road for another kopi session.
Formed another private group: IM group (internet marketing)
Venue: Funan Centre
Date: 9th May 7.30pm
Members: Mandy, Mark, Juliana, Ling, KL, Justin, Cheryl. (Shall extend invite to Jonaas & Jerry to c if they r keen)

We shall meet every fortnight or every month to brainstorm on internet ideas, how to create multiple streams of income via IM.
Like minded ppl come together to succeed.... =)

Ended at 1.30am....

Dear me...Tonight I have candlesticks workshop....OMG!!! Another long night....~~~~~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Setting my Goals & Planning

Hmm...2 days after WA...Adam says we mus set goals, have a plan, Take action & Responsibilities. Do whatever it takes, we will definately make it to our Goals...!!!

So my goals will be the following as over the next 12tmhs:-

1. Read all materials & books which Adam & Conrad recommend. Get the right mindset!
2. Mastering the techniques of trading. Start Paper trading....& be able to trade in real market over the next 6mths. Aim to trade US$ 200 per day. But 1st to start by making US$ 10 a day. Conrad alwas says "Consistancy is the way to succeed! Trade Defensively!!"
3. Create Multiple streams of Income
4. Attend Conrad's Pattern Trader Course by Sept08.
5. Travel to Japan end Mar, early Apr'09
6. Buy my own light & powerful laptop by June 09
7. ....blah blah blah.....more coming up...

These are short term plans for the next 12mths. Will have think thru my long term plans & path...=)

Start revising my notes, listen to Adam's CD to constantly reminding urself abt ur mindset & goals....Get ready for my booster session next Tue =)

Monday, April 14, 2008

WA 10 Batch...

Its the Wealth Academy Batch 10 at Adam Khoo Learning Technolgies Centre. Hb & I attended the super intensive training for 3.5 days...managed to survive throughout the "non-stop" blasting of info these days...starting as early as 9am sharp & ended past midnight like 1+ am in the morning everyday....OMG!!! Slept oni 3-4hrs a say...reminded me of the wedd preps where u have 1001 stuff to complete within such short period.

Is very very informative....thou is 1 ear in 1 ear out...forcing myself to b as attentive....haha....

Wow!!....there is so much to "Fish" in the market. Be it Bull or Bear....I must really buck up manz!!! So much to learn b4 I enter the real market. At least now I have an idea abt trading, option stocks, value investing etc...

Both Adam & Conrad are very inspirational ppl...Manage to make more new friends from diff backgrounds like Mandy, Mark, Ling, Koon Leng, Jonaas, Jerry, Juliana, Irene etc...
Melvyn, Aaron, Lawrence are coaches & many other nice coaches around to help out the program. They encouraged graduates to volunteer as coaches for next ongoing batches & reattend of the sessions as many times as we want. Let me think abt it...rather taxing wor...

Quite keen on Conrad's trader course. But my bank is bleeding... Will have to start trading b4 I can go for my next course. Its not easy thou. Consistant perseverance is the way to succeed =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

busy nxt few days....

Hmmm....nothing happening the last few days to blog....rather busy with SF accounts....But decided to spend 5 mins to blog in office today...
I wont have time to blog from tml to sunday. will b gg for an intensive course...starts 9am daily & end 12mn...OMG!!!
Mus definately try to get enuff rest tonite so that I can hv full alert during lectures...
Well well well....shall review after I completed the whole course...=)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

HK Kim Gary Rest @ Vivocity

Its weekend again...Didn't do much shopping, more like window shopping...SG is jus so everywer are the same...nothing much...probably looking 4ward GSS nxt mth...=)
Bought this cardigan JE yest evening...I like to have big eyes...but too poor to go for decided to buy this for trial...I tried Acuvue but seem my iris is not big enuff & not too decided to try Freshkon & Freshlook...Not too exp...bought from HB's frequent opticals. $20 a pair for monthly usage =) Shall wear this tml...hehe... Went to HK Kim Gary Restaurant at Vivocity. Ambience not bad. Facing the Sentosa. Their menu looks appetising. Those who are fan of baked rice... Mus Try!!!I ordered HK style cheese baked rice with pork chop. Slurp...!!!! Their pork chop is so tender. Rice has a grainy texture, unlike swensen's baked rice is too soft. Taste not bad....worth trying...price quite alrite. They have a few special set meals which comes with some drinks additional 2 order Peppermint Aloe Vera Drink...Cool!!!

HB ordered Supreme Mix Grill Curry Swiss Cheese Baked Rice..YUmmies!!! The curry is not jap curry style. It has abit of assam & oriental curry taste...not too spicy, according to my standard...thos who can take spicy food worth giving a try...=)

Total Meal for 2 = $30.85 --- Affordable. Will revisit again...They r quite crowded at weekends...B patient... =)
Tat's all for my weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here comes my Origins Facial today...

Serene saw my blog on this last week & she decided to try out with we meet up at 6pm & head for our facial at Raffles city robinson origins counter...
We were brought to this small room on 3rd floor...Quite a cozy room with soothing music. they will be serving 6 customers when more to come later...We did our 45 min facial. Actually nothing too great compare to other facial as they dun do extraction. Mainly using their cleansing lotion, scrub, whitening toner, brightening lotion, mask, serum etc...But their massage was good...they did a head & slight shoulder massage...wahaha....relieves my stress & I nearly doze off manz!!! Think I mus consider signing some massage package some day...kekeke
Overall experience, not bad...cos the $80 we paid can redeem fully for any origins products...i m so cheapo..hiak hiak hiak...
After facial, decided to get their whitening package set...since they new launch & is having promo...can help save abit...hahaha...of cos, i phyco my fren abit to buy some of their products, but oso keep an eye on prevent her from splurging too much on facial products again...kekeke...end up she bought some...but hopefully it will help calm her skin for her recent stressssed breakouts....=)Whitening Set includes: W. Toner, Brightening Lotion, Stress Easing Serum & Nighttime Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Oh..I mus say...realised their promoters are quite well trained. i patronise a few diff outlets & most of the time, they can explain their products well...& quite friendly....not too pushy...not like other comestic counter staff who either gives u an attitude for asking too many questions & might end up not buying....
& they are quite generous on their door gifts...although they are of 5ml sample packs, at least is a selection of diff products which u could test out for a week or 2 b4 considering to buy...u noe their stuff r Not CHEAP!!!

Famished liaoz.....walked round the basement abit...head for Thai express....2 of us damn KS...haha...

Our orders:
1. Basil beef Rice
2. Green curry ckn rice
3. Seafood tomyum soup
4. Fried tofu (i had scb card & orders abv $25 this is complimentary)

Can u imagine the 2 of us ate so much? wahahaha....think she mus be very guilty liao...for meeting me for dinner... saw her blogging that she had gained 3kg & yet...i "coax" her to order green curry ckn ....kekeke....hw evil of me...*Grinz* ...Nitey...