Sunday, December 14, 2008

Was msning Ah quek this afternoon, cos i met him at Vivo city on friday nite. Surprised to see each other...LOL
sharing him if i should buy Twilight books, surfed net last nite & found out there r 4 books altogether. & the highlights attracted me...Ah quek said he finished all 4 books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn)...i was like -__-
u read this kinda of books 1 meh??..hahaha....Well, he didnt actually, cos he bought the set for his ex gf & tats y he read them as well....LOL turn...went to bug hb again...cos today we had planned not to go shopping & wanted to stay home..he agreed to bring me to Kino to get the books...YaY..!!! he is the best...whahhaa!!!
When i arrived at Kino, there is a huge crowd of teenage girls & young adults around the books. I managed to grab a set, but then some came in hardcover & paper cover. Was a little disappointed. Some titles are left with 2 books. Not much to choose from. & u noe paper cover seems flimsy....
HB came & tapped me on the shoulder...& he carried the whole set of hardcover. ($149.80)...Double the price of papercover ( $80) wor.... He said its ok..cos these set of books are meant to read & keep...& morever only 2 sets left on the shelf....20% disc..affordable lah...
At the cashier counter, the cashier said "This set is at 25% disc.." Cool!!! more savings...heehee....
Headed to Gammaphone to look for the soundtrack of Twilight...Damn disappointing lor....the staff said the soundtrack is not out yet...OMG!!! People are all downloading from internet oredi & u tell me its not out wonder there is so much piracy....these soundtracks should hit the store when the movie is released...hai.... least i manage to get my set of Twilight Saga....heehee

Okies....gtg twilight is waiting for me...bedtime stories... =)

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